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When Are Gardenias in Season?

Image by, courtesy of Gilberto Santa Rosa

Gardenias are delicate, tropical flowers that are associated with romance and secret love, according to The Flower Expert website. They were named for Alexander Garden, a South Carolina physician.


Image by, courtesy of Kevin Walsh

Gardenias originated in the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, southern Asia, Australasia and Oceania. Gardenias prefer humidity, warm to hot days (preferably with some afternoon shade), and cool nights. They are a popular shrub in South Carolina, where weather conditions are ideal.

Ease of care

Image by, courtesy of B Balaji

Gardenias require a lot of care and usually thrive only when they grown are in ideal conditions.

Blooming season

Gardenias bloom from May through July in all climates where they are grown, whether inside or out. In their ideal climate, the volume of blooms will increase. In addition, the flowers will be more robust and they may bloom again in the fall.

Nonblooming foliage

The leaves of the gardenia plant will stay green and glossy year-round, provided the plant is healthy.

Indoor blooms

Encourage indoor blooming of gardenias with the use of grow lights and by maintaining a consistent inside temperature of 65 degrees. In addition, you can help create an artificial tropical environment by using misters.

Gardenias In Season?

Cultivars of the most widely grown species (Gardenia jasminoides) typically bloom in the summer, although a few varieties begin in the spring and continue into fall. Diligent care can result in a longer blooming season for a gardenia. They do best in well-drained, rich, acidic soil. Give your gardenias an acid liquid fertilizer, fish emulsion or blood meal. Water them regularly, particularly if using drip irrigation. As flowers fade or turn brown, remove them to stimulate more blooming. One petite variety (G. jasminoides "Radicans"), which does not exceed 12 inches high, excels as a ground cover. Moon gardens, which features plants with white flowers or silvery foliage planted to catch the moonlight on summer nights, often include gardenias for their shimmer, as well as their perfume.

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