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How to Run a Garden Hose Through Lattice & Under a Deck

By Tara Dooley ; Updated September 21, 2017
Lattice is used to cover up the bottom of decking so that it is more appealing.
lattice image by jbattx from Fotolia.com

When creating your own sprinkler system or irrigation for your home, you will sometimes run across obstacles. Decking covered at the bottom by lattice work is one of these obstacles. You could remove a section of lattice, run your hoses under the deck and then put the lattice back. However, you run a risk of breaking the lattice and having to replace it. If you would rather avoid the possible added expense and work, you can thread the hose through the lattice without having to crawl under the deck.

Run the hose through landscaping and up to the lattice work covering the deck. Cover the hose with pine needles or mulch so that it is not seen.

Slide the end of the hose through a hole in the lattice at ground level.

Slide the end of an extension pole through a hole to the left or right of the hose.

Pull off a strip of tape and wrap it around the tip of the pole and the end of the hose. You will have to use your fingertips to do the taping. If this is too difficult, dig a small hole at the base of the lattice where the hose and pole are so that you can get your hands inside to do the taping. Tape several more strips to secure the hose.

Slide the pole out to its full length and push it under the decking toward where you want the hose to go.

Push the hose up to a hole in the lattice. Go around to the side of the deck where the end of the hose. Reach through the lattice and undo the tape. Pull the hose through the hole and continue to its end location.


Things You Will Need

  • Garden hose
  • Extension pole
  • Tape


  • If you have an access door in the lattice, you can skip most of these steps by crawling through the door and under the deck. This way you can drag the hose across without the need for a pole.

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