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What is the Meaning of Stargazer Lilies?

Image by, courtesy of Steve Jurvetson

Stargazer lilies originated in the late 1900s, making them a new addition to the more than 3,000-year-old lily family. Depending on their context and color, stargazer lilies can mean purity, sympathy, prosperity or hope. Though traditional stargazer lilies’ petals have red and pink bursts of color outlined in white, stargazer lilies can also be solid white.


In ancient Greek, Roman and Biblical stories, the lily was used to spiritually and symbolically mean purity and innocence. Stargazer lilies, like other lilies, are still used to express these traditional meanings, but their unique colors and scent have inspired new symbolic meanings.


Stargazer lilies are commonly used in bridal bouquets because of their celebratory colors and sweet scent. In wedding arrangements, white stargazer lilies mean purity of heart and pink or red stargazer lilies mean prosperity and aspiration.

Sympathy and Apology

Use white stargazer lilies in floral arrangements to mean “I’m sorry” or to express sympathy. Use pink-red stargazer lilies to symbolize your wish for prosperity and healing.

Religious Meaning

Christians use various lilies, including stargazer lilies and white Easter lilies, to symbolize Jesus Christ, particularly at Easter. Use stargazer lilies in religious floral arrangements to symbolize Christ, new life, joy or hope.

Expert Insight

Stargazer lilies, like other species of lily, are sturdy flowers that hold up well during weddings and other ceremonies. Stargazer lilies make a meaningful keepsake because they retain their beauty when dried.

Long Do Stargazer Lilies Bloom?

Perennial stargazer lilies prefer well-draining, slightly acidic, organic soil. Stargazer lilies must soak up at least 8 hours of direct sunlight per day. Lilies usually bloom in mid to late summer. Flowers typically last about 1 to 3 weeks, but new blooms may appear through September. The length of bloom time depends on nutrients, direct sunlight, consistent temperatures around 90 degrees Fahrenheit and if new buds are trying to emerge. A stargazer lily’s soft petals feature various shades of pink and white, dappled with red spots. Stamens are long and light green with orange lobes. Plants may reach a couple of feet high, but flowers grow depending on light and the stem’s living space.

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