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What Do Buttercup Flowers Look Like?

By Contributing Writer
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Buttercup flowers are small, yellow (sometimes white with a yellow center) flowers that usually possess five petals. The flowers contain several stamens with yellow anthers surrounding a green center.

Growing Season

Buttercup flowers, or Genus Ranunculus, bloom in April or May, and last throughout the summer. Buttercups are annuals, which die in a year or season. They are also perennials, which means that they return to bloom each year.

Plant Care

Buttercup Flowers should be fertilized every two weeks with a diluted soluble fertilizer. For less upkeep, a granular slow-release fertilizer may be used. Buttercups should be watered during dry spells and grow best in cool soil. The flowers should be pruned back at the beginning of the winter season.

Common Growing Locations

Buttercup flowers commonly grow in fields and woods of the North Temperate Zone.


There are more than 250 species of buttercup flowers, which include the Alkali Buttercup (Cymbalaria), Pygmy Buttercup (Pygmaeus) and Littleleaf Buttercup (Abortivus).

Pest control

Buttercups are prone to damage from insect pests that include whitefly, mealy bugs and spider mites. Most plant pesticides may be used. Natural repellents include oil spray, mild dish-washing liquid or baby shampoo.