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Coffee to Help Dying House Plants

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Aside from being one of the world’s most popular drinks, coffee can be used to help save dying house plants. Many coffee shops leave used coffee grounds out in front of the shop for customers to use in their gardens, but coffee can be used in any form to help save dying house plants. According to, “it may be the caffeine stimulates the plant or some nutrients in the coffee but this seems to give the plant a kick.” Whatever the reason may be, coffee and house plants do go together.

Used Grounds

Place used coffee grounds in your house plants' soil. Gather your own used grounds from brewing coffee at home or pick up a bag from your local coffee shop. Sprinkle the used coffee grounds on the surface of dirt. Also lift the plant from the pot and place a generous amount of used grounds underneath the potting soil where the roots can easily access it. Gently water the coffee grounds with warm water. Saturate the coffee to release the leftover nutrients and minerals into the dirt. Keep the coffee and soil damp for the next week or so. Add more used coffee grounds as you see the coffee blend in with the dirt.

Brewed Coffee

Use brewed coffee to provide the plant with a shot of caffeine, antioxidants and minerals. Use this method if the plant looks close to death, as this will get the benefits of the coffee to the roots as fast as possible. Brew a weak pot of coffee, using half the amount of coffee typically used to brew a pot. You can also water down an already brewed pot of coffee by using half coffee and half water. Be sure the coffee has cooled off so it is about room temperature. Add ice to hot coffee to cool it off faster. Water the plant with the cooled coffee for about a week or until you see new growth.

Fresh Coffee Grounds

You can also use fresh coffee grounds to help save your plants. Grind some coffee beans and create a thin layer of the grounds on the top portion of your plant's soil. Water daily with lukewarm water to get the maximum benefits of the coffee bean.

Instant Coffee

Mix 2 to 3 tablespoons of instant coffee in with some of the dirt and water immediately for a release of minerals and other nutrients into the soil. You can also use instant coffee by sprinkling a thin layer across the top of soil and watering into the plant.

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