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What Does an Azalea Flower Look Like?

By Elton Dunn
Azalea flowers in bloom.
Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Tony

Azalea is a flowering shrub that is a member of the rhododendron family. Shrubs may be low to the ground or quite tall but all feature elegant blossoms and dark green leaves.


Azalea flowers are trumpet shaped with lightly scalloped edges. Most have five petals and a cluster of stamens in the center.


Azalea flowers may be pink, red, purple, orange or white. The flowers can be solid or have speckles or shading in pigmentation.


While most azalea have five petals, there are varieties with more. Types referred to as hose-in-hose and double hose-in-hose have 10 to 12 petals and 20 petals respectively.


North American azalea plants drop their leaves in the fall. Plants can be spreading or tall but feature green leaves and older woody stems.

Bloom Time

On the eastern coast of North America, azaleas bloom in April or May, with blooms lasting one to two weeks. The Azalea Society of North America notes that azalea may bloom as late as August or September and azalea may bloom twice in a season in warm climates.


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