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What to Plant With Geraniums

By Nicholas Ramos

For more than 100 years, American gardeners have taken advantage of the colorful and hardy characteristics of the geranium. Geraniums are used in millions of flowerbeds throughout the United States. Growing on average of 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide, geraniums are reliable, easily maintained plants that are suitable for border gardens, flowerbeds and containers. A major aspect of gardening is planting a variety of species; however, you must first check the compatibility of the plants. There are several plants that live well with geraniums in any garden.


According to Better Homes and Gardens, the three best plants to plant with geranium include flowering tobacco, pentas and fountain grass.

Flowering Tobacco, scientifically named Nicotiana, is recommended for planting with geraniums. Flowering tobacco is a fragrant and colorful annual plant species. Better Homes and Gardens recommends using this flower to enhance the fragrance of geranium flowers. Flowering tobacco is hardy and requires the similar growing conditions of geraniums, making it highly compatible. Plant in full sun or partial shade, 8 to 12 inches apart from your geraniums.

Pentas lanceolata, commonly called the Egyptian Star, is a perennial flowering plant that is highly compatible with the growing conditions of geraniums. Geraniums and pentas do not interfere with each other’s growing patterns, and according to Better Homes and Garden, pentas create a visually enhanced color scheme and looks great in coordination with geranium plants. Pentas are also compatible with flowering tobacco.

Fountain grass is a perennial grassy plant with thin, fuzzy flower shoots. The blue-green grass contrasts with the bright flowering varieties of geraniums. The grass requires full to partial sun, similar to geraniums. The grass is hardy and drought tolerant. The texture and color of the grass visually enhances the effects of geraniums and is compatible with the two aforementioned plant species.

Additional Information

Geraniums are versatile plants. There is little that will not grow harmoniously with geranium flowers. Other popular flowers to plant with geraniums include any variety of daisies, petunias, foxgloves and hostas. If a plant has similar growing conditions to geraniums, then it is a safe bet to plant in coordination. However, there are certain plant characteristics to watch out for prior to planting with geraniums. Vine-like plants can easily smother geraniums; refrain from using ivies, vinca plants or any plant that can spread out and smother your plants. Geraniums need full to partial sun, so do not plant shade trees or any plant that may overshadow or block sunshine from your plants.


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