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How to Troubleshoot a Toro Wheel Horse Lawn Tractor

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With the right care and maintenance a Toro Wheel Horse lawn tractor can provide season after season of trouble free service. But when the lawn mower won't start it can be a real hassle. In order to enjoy a beautiful green lawn all summer long you will need to master some basic troubleshooting skills.

Drain the fuel tank and replace the old fuel with new fuel. The fuel in your Wheel Horse lawn tractor can deteriorate over time, so if it has been some time since you last used your lawn tractor chances are the fuel has gone bad. Find the drain plug at the bottom of the fuel tank and carefully screw it out. Place the drain plug in a plastic baggie for safekeeping and set it aside. Place a pan under the fuel tank to catch the spent fuel and then place that fuel in a secure container approved for holding fuel. Many garages, gas stations and auto parts stores accept old gas and oil for recycling, so be sure to dispose of it properly. When draining the fuel tank be sure that all of the fuel drains out, then replace the drain plug and fill the tractor up with fresh fuel.

Check the condition of the filters in your lawn tractor. These filters can quickly become clogged and dirty, especially if you have been using the mower in dusty conditions or if the weather has been particularly dry. The dust and dirt that is kicked up while mowing the lawn can clog up the filters and prevent sufficient air from reaching the engine. Always keep a few extra filters on hand during the summer season to avoid these kinds of problems. The air filter cover is located on the side of the tractor. To remove the cover rotate it clockwise, then remove the filter and clean the flange and the cover thoroughly. Insert the new air filter and replace the cover.

Remove the spark plug from the Wheel Horse lawn tractor and examine its condition. If the spark plug is dirty, fouled or covered with fuel be sure to replace it immediately. It is a good idea to keep a few extra spark plugs on hand, because those spark plugs often need to be replaced. To remove the spark plug take off the wire and hook it to the retaining post, then use a ratchet to remove the plug. If you notice that the spark plug is constantly becoming fouled the fuel mixture is probably too rich. Use the fuel adjustment setting to lean out the mixture--that should resolve the fouling issue and help your lawn tractor run more smoothly.

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