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How to Build a Pool Noodle Raft

A pool noodle is a popular toy made from cylindrical shaped tubes of polyethylene foam most commonly used while swimming. A pool noodle is soft, flexible, but firm enough to hold its shape, making it a favorite in swimming pools everywhere. Pool noodles can be used as flotation devices for young swimmers. Because it is lightweight and it floats, pool noodles can be made into the perfect pool raft. All you need are a few pool noodles and some nylon rope. Use the following instructions to build the perfect pool noodle raft for pool or lake.

Measure, Mark, and Cut the Pool Noodles

A pool noodle float can be made with 6 to 12 pool noodles depending on the size desired. Using a tape measure or ruler, mark the first noodle every 1' with marker on opposite sides of the first pool noodle.

Lay the second pool noodle evenly next to the first and make corresponding marks on opposite sides of the second noodle. Continue this system of making marks the pool noodles until all noodles are identically marked.

Using a screw driver, pencil, knife, or scissors, punch holes in every mark on each pool noodle large enough for the rope to fit through. Use light pressure when making the holes because pool noodles cut very easily and you don’t want to make the holes too large or slice the pool noodle.

Measure and Cut Nylon Rope

Measure the first piece of rope is by laying all the pool noodles together side by side.

Stretch the rope across the width of the pool noodles and add 6” to that length. The extra 6” allows room to tie two knots, one at each end of a length of rope.

Measure the remaining required lengths of nylon rope against the first piece and cut.

Tying the Raft Together

Knot one end of the rope.

Thread the other end of the rope through the holes and pass the rope through each noodle until all the pool noodles are threaded together on the same piece of rope.

Pull the rope taught and knot the other end of the rope securing all the pool noodles together. Continue this method of tying the pool noodles, moving to the next row of marks, until all the noodles are connected.

Tighten all knots one last time and cut off the excess at both ends of the ropes with scissors.


Add a drop of Krazy Glue to each tied knot to keep them from coming untied with use.


Use caution when tying pool noodles together. Too much tension will rip the holes and damage the pool noodles.

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