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How to Install a Grass Gator

By Joshua Bailey

If you need a replacement trimmer head, the Grass Gator is one of the best on the market. It uses toothed plastic instead of plastic rope to trim the grass in hard-to-reach lawn areas. Installing a new trimmer head onto your trimmer might seem like a difficult job, but it actually is simple, with the Grass Gator doing most of the work for you.

Remove your current bump knob and trimmer line spool. Twist the bump knob counter-clockwise to remove it. This will loosen the spool, which can be taken out now.

Open your new Grass Gator head, and locate the correct-size bolt to screw into the center shaft on your trimmer. The Grass Gator comes with different sizes of bolts, making it easy to install.

Take the spacer cup from the Grass Gator, and place it inside, directly over the center shaft. The cup of the spacer faces into the shaft. Place the Grass Gator head onto the spacer cup, and bolt it into place.

Tighten the Grass Gator head onto your trimmer by spinning the unit's head clockwise. As you use the Grass Gator, it will tighten itself as it spins, so do not over-tighten.


Things You Will Need

  • Trimmer
  • Grass Gator

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