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How to Remove Rock From Landscaping

Removing rock from a landscape can be back-breaking, time-consuming work. There's no fast way to remove rock short of using dynamite, and this is not recommended. There are times when you need to remove landscape decorative rock from the landscape and you want to hold on to it for later use. This is a way to clean your landscape rock and separate it from plant material and trash.

Remove all weeds with a shovel. Pick out any large pieces of debris by hand.

Remove all unwanted plant material with a shovel.

Use a flat nose shovel to scoop out plant debris, soil and rock and place the material in the top of a milk crate. Sift the material. The soil and small debris will fall out through the holes and you can place the clean rock onto a pile.


Milk crates work fine for sifting. A sifter for smaller rocks is included in the References.

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