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How to Debark Pine Trees

Making your own wooden posts or prepping a pine tree for cutting wood planks out of the pine log is a fairly straightforward process. Debarking machines can cost up to $1,000 alone to rent, depending on the log size you plan to debark. If you only have to debark a few pine trees, this is something you can do on your own without a large debarking machine. Debarking without a machine is physical, but rewarding labor.

Cut down the pine tree. Remove all of the limbs from the pine tree.

Cut every limb off flush with the pine log. You may even take off some bark as you trim the limb stubs flush with the pine log.

Wedge an end of the steel trowel into the base of the pine log between the log and the bark.

Begin to pry up the bark away from the log. Once you get a piece of bark to start peeling, you can use both hands to push on the trowel to peel off large chunks of bark. Do this to the entire tree, working from the base up.


After you cut down the tree, peel the bark off as soon as possible as the sap in the pine tree acts like glue once its dries.


Wear safety goggles to avoid eye injuries.

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