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How to Care for a Roebellini Palm

Phoenix Roebellini, or Pygmy Date Palm, is a medium palm that is slow growing and can reach a height of 10 to 15 feet. This palm originates from Southern China and likes tropical weather but can exist in extreme heat and survive cold down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Landscapers love to use its elegant form and lush green feathery leaves in focal points. It is an excellent tree to plant around a pool because it loses its leaves slowly. The date palm is very tolerant of different forms of light, so it can be planted indoors. The plant is easy to propagate; just cut the suckers off at the base. Plant this palm in loamy, well-drained soil.

Plant your palm in a spot where it will get the most light. Pygmy Date Palms will tolerate low light but will thrive in full sun. If it is a potted palm, you can move it around.

Water your palm once a week, keeping the soil moist and well drained. Water more in the summer if you find the soil drying out.

Feed your palm monthly during the growing season, which is in the summer months. Use a fertilizer containing magnesium and potassium sulfate.

Prune the base of the palm monthly, cutting off any leaves or suckers with hand pruners.

During the winter months, spread mulch around the base of the palm tree to protect it from the cold. The protective cover should be removed after 4 or 5 days. Another method to protect your cold hardy palm tree is to temporarily bury it under a mound of mulch.

Rake the base of the palm, keeping it free of leaf debris to prevent disease.


When pruning, watch out for sharp spines that grow out of the base. If you have a potted palm, take the palm indoors during the winter months to protect it from frost.

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