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How to Maintain a Scag Mower

By Lisa Larsen

You have probably spent quite a bit of money on your Scag lawnmower. To get years of use out of your machine, it’s important to maintain your Scag mower. If the mower is used several times a week, do routine maintenance every other week. If you use the mower once a week, or less, every other month is a good time to perform maintenance. Each model of Scag mower will be slightly different, however, the basics of maintenance applies to all models. Remember, it’s better to spend a few dollars to keep your lawnmower in top shape, than to be faced with a huge bill due to poor maintenance.

Run the mower on high speed for three minutes, and then shut it down.

Place an oil drain container beneath the mower’s oil plug.

Unscrew the oil plug and allow the oil to flow into the oil drain container. Use a wrench or socket to remove the oil plug.

Use an oil filter wrench, or channel locks to remove the oil filter. You may need to reposition the oil drain container to catch the dripping oil.

Replace the oil filter with a new one.

Put the oil plug back in and fill the oil reservoir with the appropriate amount and type of new oil.

Using the proper sized deep drive socket, remove the spark plugs and replace them with new ones.

Unscrew the air filter cover and remove the air filter.

Remove the prefilter and clean it with soapy water. Dry it thoroughly and work a small amount of oil into it.

Check the air filter for dirt and debris, blowing it out with an air compressor, if it can be reused. Replace the air filter with a new one if the existing one is too dirty.

Put the pre-cleaner back onto the air filter, then put the air filter back in place, replace the cover and tighten it down.

Locate all grease fittings, and using the grease gun, squeeze fresh grease into all zerks. Wipe away any excess grease.

Use a tire pressure gauge to check all tires, and inflate to the proper air pressure.


Things You Will Need

  • Oil drain container
  • Wrenches
  • Deep drive socket
  • Air compressor
  • Grease gun
  • Tire pressure gauge

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