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What to Use As a Sealant for Fruit Tree Prunning

Pruning your tress is very significant not only to prevent disease and other insect infestations, but also to encourage healthy controlled growth. It is important to treat the cut areas with a safe sealant that will not harm the tree, but will allow the growth process to continue.

Pruning Seal Paint

Using Pruning Seal paint on freshly cut pruned trees can basically eliminate drips. This product provides a clean seal on fruit trees. It helps to seal air and moisture out of fresh pruning cuts, which helps to stimulate the healing process and stop excessive sap flow. It is a fast-drying, asphalt based product mixed with minerals and polybutene.

this built-in applicator can nearly eliminate all drips from pruned tree limbs. Pruning Seal Paint can provides a smooth, clean seal on a variety of trees, This sealant actually seals the air and moisture from fresh pruning cuts to speed up the healing of the limb.

Bonide Pruning Sealer

Apply this product to any recently pruned, grafted or damaged trees. It helps stimulate the healing process and allows the limbs to begin regrowth. The product contains an antiseptic and a sealant designed to to kill and eradicate potential infections. It will not burn or cause any additional damage to the cut or broken limb.

Treekote Wound Dressing

Apply this asphalt-based emulsion formula to any tree that has suffered from breaks, storms damage or poor pruning cuts. This product helps in the development of rapid healing while protecting the tree from potential limb rot, insect infestation and disease carrying fungi.

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