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How to Kill Mining Bees

Mining bees mine the ground to build their nests, hence the name. They can be useful because their cells aerate the lawn, but the dirt mounds they create can be unsightly. Kicking their dirt mound over is not a big deal because it's simply the dirt that was excavated in order to make their nest. But stepping on the dirt mound might squish the nest and anger the bees, causing them to swarm and sting. The only way to get rid of them is to spray an insecticide into their nest or dust their nest. This also will kill other creatures like earthworms that come into contact with the treated nest site.

Locate the nest or nests during the day.

At night, dress in the bee suit or clothing that covers all of your skin to avoid stings.

Use the red flashlight at night to find the bee nests. Once you have a general idea of where the nest is during the day, a red flashlight will help you find the nest's specific location at night without scaring the adults out of the nest. This will, in turn, make your spraying or dusting more effective.

Spray or dust inside the nest following manufacturer's directions. Typically, you should maintain as much distance between the spray and your face as possible. Direct the nozzle inside of the nest and cover thoroughly.


Treat the bee nest at night, when all of the adults are back in the nest for the night.


Make sure there are no openings in your clothing where bees can get in. Use rubber bands on your ankles and wrists to keep clothing sealed. Bee suits, which cost about $65 and offer the ultimate protection, are available online.

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