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How to Graft Schefflera House Plants

umbrella tree. image by mdb from

A schefflera, often known as the umbrella tree, is a large green tropical plant popularly used as a decorative plant in homes and offices. However, a schefflera can be difficult to grow from seeds or even cuttings. Another option for propagating a schefflera is by grafting, where a section of the schefflera is attached to a host plant's trunk and root system. This method can also be used to save a damaged plant and isn't as hard as it sounds.

Prep the schefflera plant you wish to propagate. It should be as healthy as possible and well-watered for best results.

Prep the rootstock, which should be from a similar species of plant. Another schefflera with a damaged or overgrown top portion would work well. Make an angled cut on the rootstock about 2 inches from the plant base.

Use a sharp knife to cut a 4- to 6-inch section of the schefflera to graft. Make an angled cut at the bottom of the section to line up with the rootstock. This section should be also be close in diameter to the rootstock.

Join the schefflera section to the rootstock, matching the two cut portions together. Press them together gently to remove air bubbles and bind the two parts together by wrapping with masking tape. Set the plant in a warm area with bright indirect light and water as usual. Check the plant for new growth in four to six weeks. Once it starts growing (you'll see new buds) it will be safe to remove the tape.


It's important to use a very sharp knife and make clean cuts to increase the chances of the graft taking hold on the root stock. Dull knifes will injure the tissue and make a weak graft.

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