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How to Clean the Turbo Cell Salt Chlorinator

By Joyce Kelley-Ellis

The Turbo Cell is part of the Aqua Rite Saltwater chlorinator that turns ordinary table salt into chlorine and with maintenance and cleaning, will keep the water chlorinated and ready for the pool season. The exclusive design of the Turbo Cell monitors water flow, water temperature and salt levels of the pool water. When the pool pump is turned on, the Aqua Rite Saltwater Chlorinator is activated. It then sends chlorinated water, with the level of purification needed for the pool.

Turn power off to the Aqua Rite Saltwater Chlorinator before removing the turbo cell salt chlorinator. Once detached, look inside and check for deposits on the metal plates that will appear light in color, crusty or flaky deposits on the plates and for any debris that passed through the filter and were caught in the turbo cell.

Use a high-pressure garden hose in the direction of water flow try to remove the deposits. If the high-pressure hose does not remove the deposits from the cells, use a wooden or plastic tool to scrape off the deposits.

Soak the saltwater cell in a clean container with vinegar overnight to remove any deposits that remain. Coil the wiring harness around the cell before soaking and immerse to the top of the wiring. Rinse with a high-pressure garden hose.

Severe cases of scale deposits that remain after flushing and scraping require the use of a muriatic acid wash. Wearing rubber gloves mix one gallon of water to one quart of muriatic acid in a clean plastic bucket. Submerse in solution to the wiring harness, allow soaking for a few minutes, and then rinsing with a high-pressure garden hose.


Things You Will Need

  • High Pressure Garden Hose
  • Clean Plastic Bucket
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Eye Protection
  • Vinegar
  • Muriatic Acid


  • Buildup on the Turbo Cells indicates a high level of calcium in the pool water.


  • When using muriatic acid, always add the acid to the water, never water to the acid. Always wear rubber gloves and eye protection when working with muriatic acid.