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Different Types of Pansy Flowers

Pansy with raindrops and a ladybug image by thea walstra from

Pansies (Viola X wittrockiana) are often categorized based on their flower size. Within each size category is a variety of pansy groups, referred to as series, made up of cultivars with similar characteristics in a range of colors. In most temperate climates, many pansies are perennials, but in the Midwest and South, pansies grow as annuals.


Pansies that fall into the large category have flowers with blooms that are 3 to 4 inches in diameter. Different large series pansies include the Accord series, which have short, strong stems in eight bloom colors with faces (bi-color), clear (solid color) and mixed (combination of colors). The Majestic Giant series includes pansies tolerant to heat and cold in six colors with faces, according to the Texas AgriLife Extension Service. The Swiss Giant series is a well-established cultivar from which many hybrids are bred; Swiss giants are available in a wide array of colors from mahogany black to orange to light pink.


The medium pansy group consists of pansies with blooms measuring 2 to 3 inches in diameter. Medium pansies include the Crown series, with nine early flowering blooms in clear, vivid colors. The Imperial series includes fade-proof faced blossoms in a variety of shades including pink. The Joker series includes a compact flower named the 'Jolly Joker,' which is a velvety purple with an orange face. The Roc series consists of nine faced and clear colors. The Springtime series boasts colors in 17 hues that are tolerant to heat and cold, according to the Texas Extension.


Multiflora pansies include plants with bloom sizes of 1 to 2 inches in diameter. The Crystal Bowl series includes eleven clear-hued compact flowers. The Maxim series consists of 14 faced flower varieties tolerant to heat and cold. Within the Maxim series, the variety 'Maxim Marina' is pale blue with a dark blue face and white edging, an atypical yet aesthetically pleasing pansy color combination. The Universal series has early flowering massed pansies with 13 color options of clear and faced blooms that are tolerant to cold and heat, according to the Texas Extension.

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