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How to Send Flowers Long Distance

There are several occasions in which we may want to send flower arrangements to friends and family, some of whom may live far away. While it's possible to walk into a local florist to order an arrangement, some recipients may be outside of your florist's delivery area. But there are other ways to ensure that flower arrangements are delivered to faraway recipients, and the flowers can be just as spectacular—and will be just as appreciated—as the arrangements delivered by your local florist.

Ways to Order Flower Arrangements

Place an order online. By ordering and paying for an arrangement through the Internet, flowers can be sent to anyone in nearly any location. There are some florists that specialize in online orders, and these florists will hand-deliver the flowers to your recipient. Since payment is made instantaneously through a credit card, florists can often guarantee same-day delivery. This method is usually preferred because you can view products online and read about the services that the florist provides. You can also read customer service reviews of this florist online.

Make an order by phone. A majority of florists will accept payment by credit and debit cards, so you can purchase floral arrangements for someone who lives at a distance without actually visiting the florist.

Submit an order by fax. Flower arrangement orders can be faxed to the florist, who will contact you to ensure the accuracy of the order and to arrange payment.

Visit the florist. You can visit a local florist and ask that the flower arrangements be sent to whomever you want. Because of shipping services such as UPS and FedEx, flower arrangements can be delivered as quickly as the next day. If the florist is a national retailer, it may also have shops that can fill the order and deliver the flower arrangement to the recipient.

Make Your Own Arrangement

Visit a local flower shop and purchase materials such as a vase, greenery and flowers.

Package the product. Place damp paper towels around the stems. You may also want to wrap the arrangement in bubble wrap to keep the arrangement in place. You will want to ensure the product is wrapped tightly so that it maintains its shape and form.

Send the package. Because of the wide array of mailing services, such as expedited postal mail and overnight shipping, flower arrangements can be packaged carefully and shipped to the recipient.

Have Someone Else Pick Up and Deliver Your Flowers

Call a friend located near the recipient and ask them to pick up the flowers that you ordered at a nearby florist. This will save you on shipping fees.

Find a local delivery service. If the florist will not deliver your flowers, there may be services in the delivery area that will pick up and deliver the arrangement for you for a fee.

Ask the recipient pick it up. If all else fails, let the recipient know that you sent an arrangement and where they can pick up. You could also surprise the recipient by asking him or her to pick up the arrangement without telling them that the flowers are intended for them.

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