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How to Get Rid of Killdeer Birds

The Killdeer Bird is a precocial bird, which means that its newborns come out of the egg ready to run around. The Killdeer is commonly located in the midwest during spring and summertime. This bird is annoying when it is making it's call, and because the Killdeer is a social bird, they will make the annoying call at the same time. Killdeer Birds nest near each other—and, when they nest, a lot of them come, and their droppings can make a mess. Killdeer Birds are not dangerous, and they keep insects out of certain areas.

Locate the Killdeer Bird’s nests by watching their habits. Look in areas where the grass or weeds are short. Look in sand pits or graveled areas. They nest in areas where they can see their prey when they are standing on the ground.

Pore coyote, dog, cat or fox urine near the Killdeer Bird's nests and around the areas where they are unwanted. Wear gloves.

Let the grass and weeds grow in the areas where the birds are nesting or unwanted. Let the grass grow to above 8 inches. This prevents them from seeing their prey.

If possible, obtain a permit for a shotgun or handgun. Fire it outside or near their nesting areas. If this is not possible, buy firecrackers or something that has a loud bang, and let them off in the area the birds are nesting.

Place fake crows or other large birds around the area. Put them in trees or on posts to deter the Killdeer Birds from nesting in that area.

Allow your dog or cat to roam the areas where the birds next, which will frighten away the birds.


Be sure that the grass is not dry or dead in the areas that you light the firecrackers.


Check with local wildlife authority when firing a weapon at the bird to make sure there is not a law against this.

Always set fire crackers on the ground and light them.

Check with local authorities such as police on laws and ordinances on fireworks.

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