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The Best Way to Keep Weeds Out of Your Flower Beds

Weeds can be more than a nuisance in flower beds--they can destroy them. Some weeds are vicious and overrun flowers, while others are simply ugly. There are many ways to prevent weeds from growing and taking over the flower bed. By taking a few precautionary measures you can rest assured that your flower bed will grow beautifully without the worry of weeds spreading or ruining it.

Use Black Plastic

Cut a piece of plastic, either a trash bag or garden liner, to fit the flower bed. Plant the flowers, then lay the plastic down, cut small slits for flowers and squeeze the flowers through the smallest possible hole. The plastic prevents any other plant life from receiving enough sun to grow, killing all potential plant life at the root. Place mulch over top the black plastic for a clean and simple finished look. Replace the plastic every year to ensure effectiveness.


Mulch is not only decorative, but it restricts weed growth. When purchasing, be sure to get enough mulch to cover the area at least 3 inches deep. Lightly covering an area will prevent some weed growth but will not be as effective as a deep mulch layer. Use bark mulch, as it chunkier and doesn’t compact and decay, which can cause an odor. Add fresh mulch halfway through the season to maintain a good weed barrier.

Dig Small Trenches and Plant Close

Dig small trenches along the perimeter of the flower bed. A small trench will make it difficult for weeds and unwanted grass to grow into the flower bed. Make the trenches 1 to 3 inches deep all the way around the bed. Fill in the trenches with mulch to conceal the trench. Plant your flowers close together to prevent weeds from taking root. This is why a well-maintained lawn will have very few weeds. If there isn’t enough room to grow weeds, they won’t grow.

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