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How to Keep Raccoons Out of Fruit Trees

In cartoons, raccoons may seem cute and even friendly. But in the real world, they can be dangerous to you and your garden. If raccoons are invading your fruit trees, there are some things you can do to prevent their entrance into your garden and to keep them from coming back.

Keep Raccoons Out

Plant a circle of cucumber plants around the base of the tree. According to, raccoons hate the smell of cucumbers and do not like their prickly plant vines. Planting cucumbers around your fruit trees acts as a force field to keep the raccoons away from your trees.

Erect a fence. You can use deer fencing around several trees or make small fences around each individual tree. With smaller fencing, you can attach a strip of chicken wire around the top by connecting the bottom of the chicken wire to the top of the fence. When the raccoon climbs on the chicken wire it will flip him over and dump him away from the trees.

Use bird netting. After building a fence around the trees, you can throw bird netting over the top of the tree and down to the fence. Do this when the fruit is ready to ripen, and it deters the raccoons on their quest to get to your fruit trees.

Install piping around the tree. Use a strong metal or plastic pipe, such as a vent pipe that you can purchase at a hardware store. Wrap it around a portion of the tree trunk so the raccoon cannot climb the trunk and reach the fruit on the tree.


Continue checking your barriers to see if they are working, and repair when needed.


If you ever see a raccoon in your yard, do not attempt to scare it off yourself; call animal control instead.

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