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Begonia Colors

begonia mauve image by MONIQUE POUZET from

Begonias are garden and landscaping staples because of their vibrant explosions of color. They have both beautiful, colorful flowers and big, vibrant leaves. There are several begonia species. All of them have various forms of the colorful leaves and flowers. Begonia flower colors vary among the types. Begonia flowers can appear in solid colors, or a solid color tipped with a different color.


Begonia flowers bloom in most shades of red from the lightest pink to the darkest blood red. The flowers of the begonia plant are delicate and vary in size depending on the type of plant. Shrubs and Rhizomatous begonias have the most flowers per plant.


Only the tuberous and cane begonia have big purple flowers along with the white and red flower petal colors. Purples come in shades ranging from bright pink-purple to nearly baby blue.


White occurs both on the flower and the leaves. It occurs on all of the begonia types. White streaks or spots break up the color on leaves, but rarely is the base color on a begonia leaf. Flowers can be solid white, white with colored edges, or faded colors that turn white.


The tuberous begonia is the only one that produces flowers in colors other than purple, red variations or white. The tuberous begonia has big flowers in salmon, orange and yellow as well as the reds and white.


Begonia leaves vary in size and shape depending on the type of begonia. Most begonia varieties have various shades of green. Some are tipped with maroon. The Rex Cultorum variety have the most brilliant leaf colorations with some being bright pink, red, white-veined, black, purple and even bronze.


Begonia shrubs are covered in delicate white, pink or red flowers that often have a layer of thin fuzz, or hair, that gives them an interesting texture.

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