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What are the Best Vegetables to Grow in the Northeast?

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Vegetable gardening can be successful pretty much anywhere--the key is planting times and temperature control. In the Northeast, factors to consider when planting vegetables are the fact that there is a shorter growing season with a late harvest of mostly cool-season crops. Throughout the Northeast, many planting times and crops will vary so the task can be challenging. The best vegetables to plant in the Northeast are ones that develop and mature quickly and prefer cooler weather.

Root and Bulb Vegetables

Since this variety of vegetables doesn't mind cooler weather and can be harvested later in the season, root and bulb vegetables work well in the Northeast. Potatoes, beets, leeks, onions, carrots, garlic and rutabagas are a few vegetables that thrive and store well.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

Cool-season crops broccoli and cauliflower are compatible with cooler spring seasons and can be harvested in late summer to early fall without worrying about rotting or wilting. The dense flowering on the vegetables can withstand weather elements like wind and rain.


A wide variety of beans can be grown in the Northeast, including bush, pole, fava, string and wax. These like cooler weather, but not freezing, and have large production in the Northeast. Beans also benefit the soil by converting the sun's energy into nitrogen that is stored at the roots, keeping the soil fertile.

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