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The Average Cost of Paint for a Pool

By Contributing Writer

Your swimming pool would look much better with a new coat of paint. But what do you do about reining in the cost of the paint to complete the job?


The total cost of the paint is closely related to the smoothness of the pool surface. For example, a 20,000 gallon pool that’s 12 feet by 20 feet may use only four gallons of pool paint. The cost? Around $55 retail at your local hardware store.

Basic Rule

The basic rule is 250 to 275 square feet average per gallon of paint. The type of paint products you use will also impact the amount of paint you’ll have to use to complete the job. Use regular paint roller brushes for the sides of the pool, and regular paint roller brush with a pole to do the floor. Employ the use of family and friends to do the corners.


Make sure to use at least two coats, and keep in mind that you’ll need to know the total square footage of your pool’s interior.


It’s best to use a quality synthetic rubber-base formula pool paint in order to meet the high performance expectations of chlorinated rubber.


While two coats are generally required, a third coat on bare, porous surfaces may be necessary.