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How to replace a Quickclean II swimming pool cleaner popup head

Automatic pool cleaners use spring loaded plastic heads that popup and rotate as they direct a jet of water that cleans in-ground swimming pools. After some time the pool chlorine weakens the popup head and it must be removed and replaced.

Purchase a new popup head, O-ring lubricant, and a popup replacement tool from a pool supply store. (The popup and replacement tool will be specific to the brand of pool cleaning system you have.) The popup replacement tool has three prongs that slip into the popup head's outer ring.

Attach the popup replacement tool to the end of the long handle you usually use with a pool skimmer or brush.

Turn off the pool pump. The water must be still to allow you to visually align the popup tool with the broken popup.

Press the popup replacement tool into the holes located in the popup head's outer ring. Twist the tool to the left (counter-clockwise) until the popup rotates. The rotation may be only 45 degrees.

Remove the popup replacement tool from the pool and restart the pool pump. The broken popup will not come out attached to the tool. When the automatic pool cleaner directs water to the rotated popup head, the force of the water will eject the broken pieces and the outer ring.

Turn off the pool pump.

Lubricate the O-ring found on the new popup head. Place the new popup onto the popup tool's prongs and insert the new popup into the pool. The popup's outer ring will have four 'shoulders' that fit into four slots in the pool floor.

Rotate the popup head to the right (clockwise) approximately 45 degrees. Turn on the pool pump and verify the correct operation of the new popup.


Once the old popup has been rotated it does not come out of the pool attached to the removal tool. Allow the pool pump to run until the broken popup has been ejected.

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