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How to Remove Moss

By Cheryl Hinneburg

Moss is unsightly, and it can get in places where it is an eyesore. It is common for moss to grow on rooftops, driveways and even on grass. There are ways to remove moss, then prevent it from growing again, but each removal technique will vary depending on the area where the moss is located.

Buy a moss killing spray at your local home improvement store. The kind that you should purchase depends on where the moss that you want to kill is located. If the moss is on your roof, then you might also need to buy a bristle brush with an attachment.

Ask a store clerk to help if you have any problems finding the right spray, then follow the directions on the can to eliminate the moss. Killing the moss is not difficult, but the trick is stopping it from returning.

Rake up all of the moss once it is dead. Any moss that is remaining could cause another infestation.

Test your soil to see if it is too damp. You can buy one of these tests at your home improvement store. Soil that is too damp will breed moss. If your soil is too damp, follow the instructions provided in the test kit to decrease moisture.

Trim and cut back any trees or shrubs that are preventing clear air flow or blocking sunlight. Good air flow and plenty of sun will prevent moss from recurring.


Things You Will Need

  • Moss killing spray
  • Rake
  • Bristle brush
  • Soil test (if applicable)
  • Tree and hedge trimmers


  • If using the bristle brush on the roof, be careful not to damage shingles.
  • Use an extension for rooftop moss rather than attempting to go on the roof as moss is very slick.


  • Never use bleach on moss because the runoff will kill any nearby plant life.

About the Author


Cheryl Hinneburg has been a freelance writer for five years. In addition to the regular clients that she works for, Hinneburg also writes regularly for Demand Studios and Associated Content, and is a provider for eLance. She is an award-winning poet and is currently working on a Master of Science with a certificate in substance abuse counseling at Capella University.