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How to Refinish Concrete Countertops

By Janece Bass
Concrete counter top
Jeremy Levine Design courtesy of CreativeCommons.org

Old, cracked and broken countertop repairs are quite expensive. Getting new countertops installed is even more expensive. A better solution is to refinish your countertops with concrete. Concrete countertops are the latest design technique for the kitchen, and is actually one of the "green" options for countertops. Once you have concrete countertops, there is refinishing maintenance that is required.

Clean the concrete countertops with soapy water. Rinse clean.

Take a sponge or cloth and let it soak up water by holding it under running water for a couple of minutes. Squeeze all of the water into the bucket or container and add sealant. Make the mixture fifty percent of each.

Use the rag or sponge to cover the concrete countertop with the water and sealant mixture completely. The countertop should stay wet throughout the entire process.

Once the mixture is distributed evenly, repeat the process by adding only the sealer to the mixture. On the last "wash" (as the process is called), there should be one hundred percent sealant and no water. Wring out the rag or sponge before applying the sealer. Let the counters stand, completely wet with sealant for a couple of minutes.

Rinse out the rag, and begin wiping the countertop off with the same damp rag. Do not let sealant pool or streak during this process. Allow it to dry, then repeat the process about thirty minutes later.

Allow the sealant to completely dry for about forty-eight hours before applying the wax to the countertops.


Things You Will Need

  • Concrete sealer (specifically made for countertops) Clean rag or sponge Small container or bucket Wax (specifically made for countertops)


  • Do not use harsh cleansers on the concrete countertops. Instead, clean spills quickly with soapy water to avoid stains. Do not set hot dishes or pots on the countertops. Do not use the concrete countertop as a cutting board since the knife can penetrate through the wax.

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