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What Is a Two-Stage Air Compressor?

A two-stage air compressor is a heavy-duty air compressor that uses two cylinders. An air compressor is a device that increases the amount of air in a confined space. Confined air builds pressure and generates power for industrial, commercial and personal uses. The two-stage air compressor comes with two pistons. One pumps air from one cylinder to a second cylinder, and this increases the air pressure for generating the amount of power necessary for the equipment.


A two-stage air compressor has two cylinders, or air storage chambers. There are also two pistons for pumping air. The first piston compresses air and sends it into the second storage tank, or cylinder, where compressed air is stored for future use. The two-stage air compressor generates power for heavy-duty equipment requiring air pressure above 150 psi. In a commercial shop environment, these air compressors can be used continuously for several hours or as long as required. They are powered by electricity or gas. Electricity powered compressors are easy to use and, therefore, more common. Gas powered compressors are used in the absence of electricity, or where it is difficult to use electricity.


Two-stage air compressors are used in a range of industries, such as in the manufacture of chemicals and fertilizers. They supply power to pneumatic tools like ratchet wrenches, spray guns and air nailers. They can be found in gas stations and major manufacturing plants. They are usually stationary and can be used to supply power to a variety of tools for a long period of time.


The four considerations when choosing a two-stage air compressor are pressure, airflow, efficiency and operating costs. The horsepower should be sufficient for the compressor's use. The size of the tanks or cylinders is a major consideration. Larger tanks store more compressed air. The maintenance of the compressor should be easy. Oil-free compressors are easy to maintain, while oil-lubricated compressors require frequent lubrication. The power supply used by the compressor should be easily available. Electricity powered compressors are ideal for on-site use, while gas powered compressors are useful off-site.


A two-stage air compressor can serves as a total air-power supply system to commercial establishments and industries. For small industrial installations, all equipment can be powered by one two-stage air compressor. For large industrial establishments, a two-stage air compressor can be an efficient backup power system.


A two-stage air compressor is more energy efficient when compared to other compressors. By using more air power, less heat is generated. The compressor and equipment do not wear easily because heat generation is low. A two-stage air compressor generates more power than traditional electric-power generators, and they are safer than other power generation systems. Industrial jobs get done faster.

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