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How to Get Rid of Dallis Grass

By April Sanders
Get Rid of Dallis Grass

Dallisgrass is a pesky, common perennial. It is light green and has long, thin seed heads at the top of each blade. Dallis loves warm, wet soil and it grows very quickly, usually protruding over the top of the rest of the lawn. It spreads through seeds, so use care when removing them if the seeds are ready to drop. Dallisgrass is difficult to remove permanently.

Carefully dig up as much of the plant as you can. Use a trowel and wear garden gloves to protect your hands.

Place the grass in a bag, taking care not to jar loose any of the seeds, if the grass has seed heads. Dump the bag in a yard waste area, or compost it if you are not afraid of the seeds taking root in your compost.

Spray the remaining hole with a commercial weed killer, such as Roundup. Try not to get the weed killer on any surrounding lawn grasses, as it kills good grasses as well as the bad.

Re-seed the empty place with lawn seed, such as Bermuda grass. Be sure to wait until the weed killer has worn off, which could take up to six weeks.

Keep your lawn mowed and well-drained. This will discourage Dallisgrass from growing and will help you stay rid of it.


Things You Will Need

  • Weed killer such as Roundup
  • Trowel
  • Gardening gloves
  • Plastic bag