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How to Dig Footers for Mobile Homes

If you have a piece of land that you are going to set a mobile home on, you need to first lay a foundation on that land for the home like any other building. The first step in laying the foundation is creating the "footers," which are thin trenches dug along the outer perimeter of the foundation and then filled with concrete. The footers provide a steady ground for the foundation just like the foundation provides a steady ground for the mobile home.

Determine the size of the foundation for which you are digging the footers. Its length and with is equal to the length and width of the mobile home. Consult the city ordinance and codes in your area to find out how deep the foundation needs to be (along with finding out if you need a permit).

Get the site the foundation will be on ready for digging. Clear away all sticks, tree branches, stones and other debris from the site and surrounding area. Use a pick and shovel to dig away the dirt in the area until the ground is level.

Mark the measurements for the foundation in the ground. Place wooden stakes in the corners and run string from stake to stake to trace the area. Use a measuring tape to make sure the distance between each stake equals the exact length and width you need.

Dig the footers along the entire front, back and side borders of the foundation area. The exact width and depth of the footers will depend on your local ordinances. You can use the pick and shovel if that's all you can afford, but a backhoe will work even better.

Pour concrete into the footers and wait for it to set. Once the concrete is set, you can move on to laying the concrete slab foundation.

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