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How to Build a Tilting Clay Pot Garden

By braniac
Tilting Clay Pot Garden

The tilting clay pot garden is a pretty easy way to make efficient use of the space you have as well as adding a touch of uniqueness to your garden or deck.

There are several methods you can use to build this standing garden, and many variations of plants you can grow. It is limited only by your imagination!

The Purchased Clay Pot Stand

The pot stand used in this project was purchased at a local farmer's market from a vendor. They can also be easily constructed from a strong piece of dowel (think mop handle) or rebar. If you use a straight dowel or bar, you must drive it into the ground significantly, staking down the string of pots.

The Stand Inside Bottom Pot

Insert the pot stand into the first pot. The size of the clay pot will be determined by the size of the pot stand. The one used for this project was a 12-inch pot.

Fill the pot at least half way with rocks and gravel to weight it down enough. If you have driven a rod into the ground, the rocks and gravel are still necessary, yet at a lesser rate.

Completed Tilting Clay Pot Garden

Fill the bottom pots with gravel and rocks, then add your potting soil. Before you plant any plants, set the second pot onto the stack and turn it in the direction you want it. Fill the second pot with gravel, rocks and potting soil. Continue this process until you have all five (or however tall yours ended up being).

Now the fun part! Plant your plants. These gardens make awesome strawberry gardens, herb gardens, or how about a tomato/pepper garden? Flowers are awesome in these tilting pots as well, alyssum, and other "hanging flowers" do great in these pots!


Things You Will Need

  • 5 Clay Pots
  • A Pot Stand or Strong Dowel/Rebar
  • Garden materials for what you are planting


  • Water from the top down and water slowly. Let the water soak slowly into the soil, especially the first couple of times you water until the plants are established. If you water too quickly, the water will just run over the side of the pot before soaking in!


  • When your tilting clay pot garden is complete, it is also pretty heavy. It is a good idea to build it where you want it!