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How to Repair a Gas Leaf Blower

The inevitable wear and tear on a leaf blower can eventually cause problems; fortunately, many of them are simple to repair. If you keep an eye on the condition of your leaf blower and deal with problems before they escalate, you can save lots of money and time.

Find the Problem

Find the cause of the problem. This may be obvious: if the starter cord is broken, then obviously that's your problem. But if you simply have a blower that won't start and nothing apparent to cause the problem, it's time for a bit of investigative work.

Examine the starter mechanism. Is the spring in place? Is the rope wound tightly? If anything is coming apart in there, then your starter won't work properly, and you won't be able to start the machine.

Check the spark plug. If it is old or appears blackened or corroded, it may be keeping the blower from starting.

Check the fuel tank and fuel line. If the cap on the fuel tank is missing, cracked or failing to seal properly, or if you have a leak in the fuel tank, the lack of pressure in the fuel system will cause problems. Check the fuel line as well for any cracks, leaks or stoppage.

Fix the Problem

Repair the starter assembly by removing it from the body of the blower. You can take it to a repair shop to have it rebuilt for a small charge (usually less since you've already removed it), or you can repair it yourself by purchasing a new spring and starter rope, installing the spring and rewinding the rope. Then screw the assembly back into place onto the blower.

Replace the spark plug by unscrewing the old one, brushing away any debris and screwing in a new spark plug.

Replace the tank or line. This is the only way to repair leaks in the tank or line. Be sure you order the correct part (not just any tank will fit any blower) and the right size of fuel line (usually one of the smallest available). If you're not sure, call a repair shop and have the model and serial number of your machine handy. With this information, they can help you find the right parts.

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