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What Is a Hybrid Flower?

A hybrid flower is basically the offspring of two distinct species, bred by human manipulation. Simply put, flower growers choose among the best growths and manually pollinate the flower to achieve specific results. This can result in flowers bred for certain colors or other desired characteristics. This can be beneficial both for preservation of the basic variety and to develop disease-resistant strains.


A hybrid flower often is the result of years of research, growth trials and testing. Hybrids are developed by private flower farms, researchers and flower fanciers.


Hybrid flower breeding often is done to produce certain characteristics. Flower breeders and researchers will breed for hardiness, color, bloom life, disease resistance and other desirable qualities.


A hybrid flower is the result of growers choosing from among the best varieties of a certain flower and manually cross-pollinating the flower.


Successful hybridization can result in more variety for the consumer, albeit at an often higher price. But the price paid is for beauty that Mother Nature originates, which is then improved upon.

Fun Fact

One flower farm can have dozens of varieties on one kind of floers such as 70 types of distinct hybrid peonies for sale.

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