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How to Float Candles in a Pool

There are a number of ways to float candles in a pool, depending on the size and the shape of the candles. There are floating candles that are wider at the top than at the base. Some of these can be floated without a candle holder while others will need to be placed in a candle holder. Floating other types of candles in a pool usually requires either a pool candle holder or a platform for them to rest on.

Place large floating candles in the pool by themselves. These are candles that are made for floating, and their large size helps them to maintain their position on the surface even if there are gentle waves in the pool. Large floating candles are usually at least six inches in diameter.

Put smaller floating candles into a plastic candle holder. Small floating candles are generally made to float in a bowl of water to be used as a centerpiece. They are shaped so they float on the surface, but even a very gentle wave caused by a breeze can cause water to flow over the top and extinguish the flame.

Experiment with plastic candle holders, or choose candle holders that are specifically made for pool use. These are carried at most pool supply shops and are often shaped like water lilies.

Set small candles that aren't made to float onto a teak or plastic tray to create a small floating platform for your candles. This will work for tea lights, votive candles and small pillar candles. For the best results, use a tray that has edges that slope upwards to keep water from flowing over the tray and sinking it.


Never use a glass candle holder in the pool, even if it floats. Broken glass in a pool means cut feet and hands, and the glass will be difficult to find.

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