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How to Put Up an Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial trees are a very popular replacement for live trees for several reasons. First, they reduce the amount of live trees removed from our environment. Second, they won't shed their needles like a live tree, and lastly, there is less care involved in artificial trees. Putting up an artificial tree takes a little of your time and the ability to read the instructions.

Set up your tree stand in a place close to where you would like to place your artificial tree. Artificial trees can weigh from 10 to 30 pounds, depending on the size you choose. Artificial trees can run from 4 feet to 12 feet high.

Read through the instructions for your artificial tree thoroughly before starting to assemble your tree. Make sure all the pieces and parts the instructions say you should have are included in the box.Remove all pieces of your artificial Christmas tree from the box and lay out on the ground. Artificial Christmas trees come with four parts: the base the tree will sit in, the bottom tree piece that fits into the base, the middle tree piece that supports the bulk of the tree and the tree top piece.

Start by inserting the bottom tree base into the tree stand. This bottom tree piece is the largest and most wide piece of all the tree parts. The tree base will have a grooved hole in which you will insert the pole end of the large tree part. The bottom tree part will have a grooved pole that fits firmly into this base hole.

Stand the tree base and the first tree part up so you can begin to insert the second tree part, the middle section. Do not attempt to insert each tree part while the tree is on its side or you may risk the connections being too loose. Before inserting the middle piece, make sure the large bottom tree part is secured firmly into the tree base. These pieces should snap firmly together.

Insert the middle tree part into the bottom tree part. The bottom tree part will have a grooved hole and the middle tree part will have a grooved pole to insert into the bottom part. Make sure this connection is firm and doesn't wiggle.

Insert the final tree part, the top of the tree. Snap this last piece into the hole of the middle tree part. Make sure this connection is snug. Like the bottom and middle pieces, these connectors are grooved and should snap in for a secure fit.

Start to pull and spread out the fake evergreen branches and limbs to make your tree look more natural. During shipping, these metal-based limbs can become smashed and will not look natural if you don't take the time to fluff the needles of your tree.

Slide your artificial Christmas tree carefully into the spot where you want your tree to be showcased. Have someone spot you as you slide the tree carefully. You may want to have a third person help you guide the tree into the desired location.


If you are keeping your artificial tree in a corner, you may want to bend the branches that don't show downward so the tree fits better into a corner.


If you fail to insert all pieces firmly, you may risk the tree falling under the weight of Christmas ornaments.

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