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What Are Sparklers Made of?

Sparklers can burn up to 3000 degree Fahrenheit. Most accidents occur from young children handling the sparkler inappropriately. Sparklers burn slower than other fireworks and are actually categorized not as fireworks but as pyrotechnics. They can burn in different colors depending on the types of metal fuel added. The size of the metal fuel particles will determine how big the sparks are that emanate from your sparkler.


Sparklers may utilize charcoal the burning fuel that keeps the flame going as it burns slower than black powder.


Sulfur is often used as an ignitor and gives the sparkler the bad smell when it burns.


Aluminum gives the sparkler the silver sparks. For gold colored sparks, iron is used.

Potassium Nitrate

Potassium nitrate is used as an oxidizer in sparklers, which helps the charcoal burn.


Sugar is sometimes used as a binding agent. Starch can also be utilized for the same purpose.


All the ingredients of sparklers are mixed with water and dried on a metal wire.

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