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How to Remove the Spool on a Yard-Man String Trimmer

By James Clark ; Updated September 21, 2017

Yard-Man string trimmers use spooled line rotating at high speed to cut down weeds and vegetation in the garden. Over time, all the line on the spool will be used up, so the spool must be removed to add fresh line to the trimmer. The unlocking mechanism for removing the spool works the same on all Yard-Man string trimmers, gas or electric. Follow standard safety precautions when working on power tools, including disconnecting the electricity or unplugging the spark-plug wire, depending on the Yard-Man model.

Disconnect the trimmer from the power source by either unplugging the power cord or detaching the spark-plug wire from the spark plug.

Turn the trimmer over so the spool and the motor assembly are facing up.

Hold the spool in one hand and turn the knob in the center counterclockwise with your other hand to disengage the spool cover.

Remove the spool cover and the metal spring beneath it that places tension on the spool. Set these parts aside in a safe place.

Lift the spool straight out of the housing and off the motor shaft.



  • Always disconnect the trimmer from the power source, whether gas or electricity, before starting any type of maintenance.

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