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How to Change a Starter on a Craftsman Tractor

One of the greatest advantages about riding lawn mower tractors is that they have an electric starter system built in so that they usually start with ease. On a Craftsman tractor, the electric starter system usually only has two problems. Either the battery is dead or the starter is. Here, you will learn how to change a starter on a Craftsman tractor with just a few wrenches.

Unscrew the tractor hood. There are 4 to 6 bolts holding the hood down. Usually, there are 2 to 4 bolts on the sides and two bolts in the front under the headlights

Locate the engine starter. If you sit in the tractor seat, the starter will be in the front, right corner of the engine. It looks like a black soda pop can with two connectors on it.

Unscrew the black negative cable. Unscrew the red positive cable. Unscrew the two bolts holding the starter onto the engine frame.

Place the new starter in the same place of the old starter. Install it the exact way you took it off (the red positive cable is connected on the bolt on the starter closer to the seat of the tractor and the black negative ground cable is connected to the bolt on the starter closer to the front of the tractor). Re-install the hood.

Change A Starter Rope On A Craftsman Model 247.299340

Situate the tiller on a level area of the yard or driveway where it's unlikely to move position. Remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug to prevent accidental ignition. Cut the string with a pair of scissors and grasp the knots on either end to remove it from the starter handle and from the starter assembly. Grasp the knot with a pair of needle-nose pliers if you have a difficult time getting it with your fingernails. Thread one end of the start cord through the hole in the starter handle. Finish up so that the hole in the pulley is aligned with the hole in the outer edge of the starter assembly. Wedge a screwdriver against the pulley to prevent it from unwinding and to free up your hands to finish the repair.


You can buy both used and new starters from hardware and lawn care stores. Make sure to have the Craftsman tractor model and make ready before you go to purchase the starter. A new starter is always a sure bet.

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