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How to Move an Above Ground Pool

By Dale Devries
Move an Above Ground Pool
Andy Culpin

Moving an above ground pool seem complicated. However, if you take your time and organize everything as you're taking it apart, it's really not that bad. One of the biggest mistakes most people make is trying to reuse the liner. A used liner, for any amount of time, has been stretched by the weight of the water and does not work well when trying to reinstall it. Another problem that may come up is some rusty parts but almost all parts can be saved if you are careful and take your time.

Drain the pool. Place one end of a garden hose in the pool so the end is sitting on the bottom. Hook the other end to the outdoor spigot and turn the water on until the hose is full. Kink the hose and take the end off the spigot. Find a downhill location where you drain the water without any complaints from neighbors or the water won't damage anything and unkink the hose. This will drain most of the water from the pool. You may need to bail out the last little bit or use a shop vac to get it out.

Remove the hoses, connectors and skimmer basket. Because the liner goes between the skimmer and hose connectors, they must be removed and cleaned of all silicone sealant.

Disassemble the post caps and top rail. Put the screws for the post caps into a zip type bag and write on the bag what the screws are for. This will make it much easier when putting it back together. Use boxes to keep the parts separate and mark on the box what they are.

Take off the upright posts, any stabilizers and coping. Again bag and mark any screws or bolts you remove. Unbolt the wall and carefully lay it down and roll it up. Tie the rolled up wall with string for easy moving. Purchase a new liner for the pool. You will have problems trying to fit the hose and skimmer cut outs back in.

Dig down into the sand and find the track to the wall and the foot plates for the posts. Remove them carefully as they may have some rust. Put them in a box or tie together. They will need to be brushed clean and quickly sprayed with a metal spray paint, like Rustoleum, before use again to stop further rusting and make them a little stronger.

Pack everything up and don't forget the pump and hoses. Transport this to the new location.

Dig the ground for the pool at the new location. Check the level of the ground by using a long 2 by 4 board and a level. You must dig down to solid ground, you cannot fill. Once you have the ground level, cover it with about 1-inch of sand and level the sand out.

Place patio block where each post will go and level the patio block. Each block must be level and they must be level from block to block. Place the foot plates and wall track on the patio blocks and put the wall back up in the track. Bolt the wall back together.

Install the side posts and place in the new liner. Unfold the liner carefully and try to get all folds and wrinkles out. Temporarily hold the liner side up tight with clothes pins. Start to fill the pool. As the water pulls on the liner, adjust the clothes pins to let more liner out. Fill it to just below the skimmer or lowest hose connector.

Apply new silicone sealant to the hose connectors and skimmer basket and attach to the pool. Cut out the liner that is inside the connectors. Hook up the skimmer and hoses to the pool and the pump. Finish filling the pool while you put the rim and post caps back on. Turn on the pump and add chemicals.


Things You Will Need

  • Garden hose Screwdriver String Zip type bags Brush Can of metal spray paint Permanent marker Shovel Sand Level Long 2 by 4 board Clothes pins Silicone sealant Utility knife