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How to Make a Money Tree for a Milestone Birthday

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There's no such thing as a money tree that grows on its own, but with minimal effort and some creativity, you can create a money tree for a friend who is celebrating a milestone birthday, whether that's the 16th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 100th or one in between.

Decide whether you will use a real tree, an artificial tree or a constructed tree. If you are going to construct a tree, you'll need to visit the craft store and pick up Styrofoam, a small clay pot, a dowel for the foam tree and some spray paint. If you are going to use a small potted tree, real or artificial, you'll need a bag of clothespins.

Spray paint the Styrofoam cone green. When it's dry, use a pen, screwdriver or other tool to poke holes randomly all over the cone; poke as many holes as the person's birthday, but make one hole through the top. This will be reserved for the "big money." For example, if the person is turning 20, have 19 single dollar bills and a $20 or a $10 for the top. If using a real or artificial tree, spray paint your clothespins green. Roll the wet pins in gold glitter for some bling.

Stuff the dollars into the holes you made using a pencil. Fold the bills and pinch the ends to make them fit if necessary. If using a real or artificial tree, clip the dollars to the branches with the glittery clothespins.

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