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How to Make a Halloween Flying Tree Ghost

By Megan Shannon
Flying Tree Ghost

Halloween is one of the holidays that many people go all-out for when it comes to decorations. And you can decorate for Halloween without spending a lot of money. One popular Halloween decoration is the flying tree ghost. They are very simple to make, so you could fill your entire yard with flying tree ghosts if you so choose.

Blow up the balloon. Depending on the size of your plastic bag, you want to blow the balloon up just large enough to be the ghost's head. You can use any color balloon that you want, but choose white if possible so that it doesn't show through your plastic bag.

Put the balloon inside the plastic bag. Once the balloon is in place, use a piece of string and bring the bag together underneath the balloon and tie it. If you don't have enough bag left for the ghost's body, deflate the balloon or use a smaller one.

Draw the ghost's face. Using the black marker make the eyes, nose and mouth.

Prepare the ghost for hanging. Tape a piece of string atop the ghost's head and you're ready to hang it. You can hang some of these flying tree ghosts inside as well as outside.


Things You Will Need

  • Balloon
  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • String
  • Masking tape (or similar tape)

About the Author


Megan Shannon resides in Arkansas and has been freelance writing since 2006. Her goal is to build her experience and finds great success doing so working at Demand Studios. Since working at Demand, Shannon has increased her knowledge in various topics, but her favorite topic is health.