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How to Clean Plastic Pools

Plastic pools are great for cooling off on the long, hot days of summer. Not only are they terrific for small children, they are also great for cooling off dogs and puppies. Unfortunately, most plastic pools are used without pool filters, and this often leads to a build up of algae, slime and grime. Fortunately, plastic pools are easy to clean as long as you don't wait too long; here's how.

Drain the water from the plastic pool. Try to drain the water on a portion of your lawn that could use the extra water. Moreover, drain the pool water away from where you will be cleaning the plastic pool to avoid any additional mess.

Clean the pool immediately after draining it. This strategy will make it so much easier than allowing the pool to dry and then attempting to clean it.

Use a solution of warm water and white vinegar for a pool that is only slightly grimy. You only need about 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water. Dip your rag in the solution and wipe the pool clean. Toss the rag in the trash.

Use a solution of gentle dish soap and water to clean the pool. However, go easy with the dish soap, as a little really does go a long way. Be sure to mix the soap with the water first. Simply soak your rag in the solution and wipe the pool clean.

Make a diluted solution of bleach and warm water if the pool is super dirty or has a film of mold and mildew. Use 1 part bleach to 20 parts water. Soak your rag in the solution and wipe the pool clean. Avoid using paper towels when using a bleach solution to clean the pool. They won't hold up very well and will just create a bigger mess for you to clean up.

Rinse the plastic pool thoroughly after you clean it. Be sure that you get out every trace of your cleaning solution. In fact, it is best if you rinse the pool several times.

Enjoy the freshness of your newly cleaned pool with your children or pets.


Put on a bathing suit when you clean the pool. Save worn beach towels for cleaning your plastic pool. Simply cut them down to size.


Always clean the pool when the little ones are elsewhere. Small children like to imitate their parents and cleaning the pool when they are around will only give them ideas.

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