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How to Inflate a Flat Tubeless Tire on a Riding Lawn Mower

A flat tire on your riding lawn mower can be a big inconvenience. Most riding lawn mowers use tubeless tires. The air pressure inside the tire holds the tire tight to the rim, which prevents the air from escaping. Because they don't use tubes, you will not have to replace an interior tube when fixing the tire. If there is a puncture leak in the flat tire, you first need to patch the tire with a repair kit and fill it back up.

Locate the puncture wound on your tire so you can repair it. If the object that put a hole in the tire is still there, grasp it with pliers and pull it out.

Patch the leak on the tire according to the instructions on the tire repair kit. If applicable, wait the recommended time after patching before you fill the tire.

Turn on your air compressor and allow it to build up pressure. Remove the valve stem cover from the lawn mower tire and set aside.

Check the recommended inflation pressure for your lawn mower tire. This information is usually on the side of the tire.

Take the air hose and pressure the nozzle on the valve stem to begin filling the tire with air. Remove the nozzle every 5 to 10 seconds and check the air pressure in the tire by pushing a tire gauge onto the valve stem. Stop filling when the tire gauge reads the recommended pressure.

Screw the valve stem cover back onto the valve stem. Turn off the air compressor and let all the air out of it.


Wear safety glasses when working with high pressure air. Small objects and dust can easily become airborne, which could damage your eyes.

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