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How to Take Care of Oriental Lillies

By Sara Robbel

Oriental lilies are one of the most popular lilies for northern gardening. They have a large, exotic bloom and are very fragrant with a very sweet perfume scent. Here are some pointers to keep your oriental lilies at their best.

How to Take Care of Oriental Lilies

Plant your oriental lilies where they will receive full sunshine, keeping in mind that they thrive best there. In the spring, your lilies should have mulch already on top of them to protect against frost damage. You can remove this after the last frost of the season. Be sure to keep it at hand for a few weeks in case there is an unexpected frost.

Fertilize your lilies every spring. Use a phosphorus rich formula; a slow release fertilizer will work wonderfully. Follow the directions that come with your fertilizer to ensure it is used properly. You should also re-fertilize after the flowers bloom. Use the same method and fertilizer as you did in the spring.

Water your lilies early in the day at the base of the plant to reduce excess moisture which can cause fungus growth. Water consistently, but not heavily.

Never cut more than one third of the stems when you are cutting the flowers off. This will permanently damage the plant and may kill it. Always cut in the early morning when the stems are at their peak strength.

Cover your lilies with a mulch before the first frost, covering all of the old growth that has died. The dead growth will help fertilize and protect during the winter months. Use a mulch made of loosely packed grass clippings or straw.


Things You Will Need

  • water
  • fertilizer
  • mulch

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