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How to Protect a Garden From Pill Bugs

By Home & Garden Editor

How to Protect a Garden From Pill Bugs. Under usual conditions, pill bugs don't pose a threat to plants, because they prefer to feed on dead organic matter. However, if there is a large colony of pill bugs present, they may cause damage to young seedlings similar to that caused by snails and slugs. Follow these steps to protect your garden from pill bugs.

Dust the ground around your seedlings with a layer of diatomaceous earth in the evening, which will kill pill bugs. This natural and organic product is highly efficient at killing many different insects that could damage your garden.

Treat your garden with an insecticide that can kill pill bugs. Simply look on the labels on insecticides at the store to find which ones can kill pill bugs.

Remember that once your seedlings and transplanted plants are established, the pill bugs won't be able to damage them. To reduce pill bug activity while plants are young, only water early in the morning. The top layer of the soil will be dry in the evening, when pill bugs are most active. The pill bugs won't be as active if the soil is dry.

Keep mulch away from young plants until they are established. Pill bugs like to live under mulch because it keeps the soil moist and cool.

Note that you only need to protect your garden from pill bugs when plants are young. After a few weeks, you can allow the pill bugs to resume their natural work, which is consuming dead and decomposing plant matter.


Things You Will Need

  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Insecticide