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How to Remove Wrinkles From a Pool Liner

By Home & Garden Editor

How to Remove Wrinkles From a Pool Liner. Vinyl pool liners can prove troublesome to owners when wrinkles appear. Groundwater working its way into the less compacted soil beneath and around the pool is the main culprit. Springtime can prove especially troublesome due to snow melt and heavy rains. Pool service professionals can remove these wrinkles for a fee. However, there are a few tricks you can do yourself to eliminate unwanted wrinkles in a vinyl pool liner.

Push the liner into position as the pool fills. Use a pool brush or pad the end of a pole with a rag. Push softly and carefully to avoid punching a hole in the liner. Monitor the liner level as the pool fills and adjust the liner until it's firmly positioned correctly against the pool walls and floor.

Use a toilet plunger on small wrinkles. Plunge above, below and to the side of the wrinkle, but not directly on top of the wrinkle.

Heat the pool to 92 degrees or higher to soften the liner. Push a rubber broom or squeegee along the wrinkles to smooth them out.

Drain the pool and use a large vacuum cleaner between the liner and the pool frame to pull out the wrinkles.

Empty the pool and put a blower between the outer layer and the liner. Then reverse the blower. As the pool deflates, stand in the middle of the pool wearing only socks and gently push, pull and tug the liner to remove wrinkles.


Things You Will Need

  • Toilet plunger
  • Industrial shop vacuum


  • When draining a pool, keep the liner wet to avoid possible shrinkage.
  • Avoid wrinkles in vinyl pool liners by ensuring that landscaping around the house and pool are not directing water under the pool deck or surrounding area.


  • Call a pool service professional when wrinkles are large or too numerous to work out by hand. Large wrinkles require draining the pool and resetting the liner. Anytime a pool is drained, structural damage is a risk and should be handled by professionals.