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How to Plant A Burning Bush

The burning bush is a deciduous, ornamental shrub whose green leaves of summer turn a brilliant red creating a crimson ball of color befitting of its name.Adaptable and hardy in nature, it thrives in most conditions where there is full-sun to light shade. Little pruning is needed because the plant holds its winged shape and expands out rather then gaining in height. The dwarf burning bush variety is perfect for foundation gardens. Plant a burning bush this spring for spectacular results in the fall.

Purchase a burning bush from your local nursery in a gallon container.

Dig a hole twice the diameter of the bush. Add compost to the hole before you plant the bush.

Remove the plant from the container, loosen root ball by shaking off excess soil and place into the hole. Water root structure thoroughly. Backfill the hole with the topsoil.

Mulch the area around, not on top of the burning bush. Water regularly for best results.

Encourage The Growth Of A Burning Bush

Each spring, feed the burning bush just after the plant begins to put on new growth. Sprinkle the fertilizer on the ground over the root area of the bush. Rake the granules into the top 1-inch of soil and water thoroughly to start the fertilizer traveling down to the roots. Do not over feed the burning bush since it grows well in poor soil and is not a heavy feeder like a rose bush. Depending on the rain and fog level of the area, water the plant only when a dry spell occurs. Watering with a sprinkler doesn't soak the ground well enough. Let the ground dry out between watering. Spread about an inch of organic mulch around the root zone. Organic mulch includes shredded newspaper, sawdust, dried grass clippings and dead leaves. Insect pests can slow the growth of the burning bush. Check monthly for spider mite infestations. Shake a few branches over a piece of white paper.


The burning bush has a distinctive and naturally beautiful shape that requires little pruning.

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