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How to Use a Plug in Electric Lawnmower

By Contributing Writer

An electric, plug-in lawnmower can be a ver easy and practical solution for upkeeping a small yard. Electric lawnmowers are light weight, quiet, do not require gasoline or oil, and need less maintenance than gas mowers. In addition you start it at the flip of a swtich instead of by pulling that rope. The only drawbacks are that you need access to an outdoor outlet, and you must deal with dragging that long extension cord behind you.

Roll the mower out to the position from which you desire to start mowing.

Adjust the handle as desired, and set the blade height.

Unroll the cord completely and connect the appropriate end to teh lawnmower. Make sure to run the cord wound the safety stop. This will prevent you from pulling the cord out of the socket if you accidentally reach the end while mowing.

Plug the other end into an outdoor electrical outlet. Make sure that the cord is not lying accross the path you wish to mow. Some outdoor outlets require that a switch be turned on from inside the house in order to permit the flow of electricity.

Stand behind the mower and squeeze the handle to start it. Notice that releasing the handle automatically shuts the mower off. Thus, it is easy turn the mower on and off, and you can do so as often as needed.

Mow your lawn in much the same was as you would with a gasoline mower. The main difference is that you must never forget that you are tethered to the cord. When reversing direction, you must be careful not to let the cord get in you way. It may sometimes be necessary to shut off the mower and physically move the cord before continuing.


Things You Will Need

  • A small lawn
  • Access to an outdoor outlet
  • A long extension cord (100ft. recommended)
  • A large roller for the cord


  • Buy a plastic roller for your cord. This will make it much easier to keep it from becoming tangled while in storage.


  • Be sure to buy an extension cord that is rated for the amperage of your mower.
  • Be careful not to run over the cord, as you could cut it. If you do cut it, immediately go an unplug the cord from the outlet.